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Transportation Trust Fund

Transportation Trust Fund (TTF)

The Tranportation Trust Fund was established in 1987 to finance capital construction of highways, public transit, ports and aviation facilities. The TTF is funded from the following sources:

Revenue Sources

  • Federal
  • ½ cent general sales and use tax
  • 1% additional tax on motor vehicle sales
  • 2.5 cents on gas tax
  • $3.00 increase in motor vehicle registration fee
  • Bonds
  • Other

All the above state tax and fee rates, except the vehicle license fee and bonds, are the same today as they were in 1987. How many localities or businesses charging the same rates and fees as 25 years ago would be viable today?

TTF dollars are distributed to four major transportation categories as follows:

Revenue Distribution

  • Aviation (2.4%)
  • Ports (4.2%)
  • Public Transportation (14.7%)
  • Highways (78.7%)
    • Required interstate match gets first priority
    • 5.67% of remainder to unpaved roads
    • Balance to Primary, Secondary and Urban Systems