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2012 What You Need to Know about Transportation Forum 9.25.12
Save the Planet. Expand the HIghway System 10.23.12
2012 What You Need to Know about Transportation Forum 10.5.12
Save the Planet 10.23.12
Senator Watkins Sales Tax Proposal 11.16.12
Super NOVA Region Transit & TDM Public Meetings 9.24.12
Virginia's Deeply Discounted Transportation Lunch 12.6.12
NVTA WYNTK Presentation Now Online 10.12.12
Dulles Rail Fiscal Re-Affirmation 10.22.12
Words vs. Deeds 11.15.12
Getting It Bass Ackwards 11.19.12
"We Cannot Wait Any Longer 12.5.12
Virginia's Deeply Discounted Tranportation Lunch 12.6.12
We Can't Afford to Stand Still 11.16.12
Public Information Meetings - N-S Corridor/Bi-County Parkway 12.17.12
Another Drop in the Transportation Bucket 12.17.12
2012 Christmas Card
2012 Christmas Card - Inside
2012 Christmas Card - Inside v3
Governor's Opening Gambit 01.08.13
Transportation Revenue Outlook Worse Than Anticipated 1.17.13
Transportation Funding Bill Update 1.21.13
Call to Action: House Finance Committee 1.22.13
2040 Tip of the Iceberg 1.23.13
Transportation Funding Update 1.24.13
Funding Update - Committee 2.1.13
TTI 2012 Urban Mobility Report - National Capital Region #1 2.5.13
Senate Transportation Funding Debate Not a Camelot-Like Moment 2.6.13
Transportation Bills Still in Play 2.11.13
Transportation Funding Moves Forward 2.12.13
Helps Us Get What We Need 2.21.13
Halleluja! New Long-Term State & Regional Transportation Funding 2.25.13
Virginia 43rd in Transportation Spending 2.13.13
TPB Seeks Input on Improved Dulles Airport Access 2.13.13
House & Senate Transportation Funding Conferees Appointed 2.14.13
Transportation Funding by the Numbers 2.19.13
CTF Outlook Bleak 2.20.13
Deal Moves Closer to Being Done 2.20.13
Those That Commute the Longest Deserve More Support 3.7.13
Transportation Funding - Time to Choose Wisely 3.5.13
Get Your Information Kicks At I-66 Draft EIS Public Hearings 3.11.13
2012 General Assembly Session
2013 General Assembly Session
Governor Fine-Tunes Transportation Funding Bill 3.26.13
Thank You for Being Our Friends! 4.4.13
Final Top Story May 22 Forum
Speaker Howell Proposes Transportation Reform
Maria from New Jersey
I-395/95 Extended Weekend HOV Closures 6.6.13
How Should We Spend It?
NVTA Wants to Know How Should We Spent New FY14 Transportation Funds?
Alliance Urges "Other NVTA" to "Scrub Thoroughly" 6.21.13
Public/Data Confirms Alliance Priorities Make Positive Difference 7.1.13
72 Respondents. Good News or Bad? 7.2.13
A Balance of Modes? 7.12.13
Decision Making Time Approaches. 7.18.13
Coming Soon: Alliance 9th Annual WYNTK about Transportation Seminar
Regional Transportation Priorities Plan Fails to Prioritize
Regional Transportation Priorities Plan Fails to Prioritize 7.30.13
Alliance Urges PW Supervisors to Reject Insanity 8.7.13
2013 What You Need to Know about Transportation Seminar Alert 8.12.13
2013 WYNTK Alert 8.12.13
Front Page WYNTK Template
NOVA Private Sector Reiterates Strong Support for Bi-County Pkwy 9.16.13
Bi-County Parkway Case Stronger Than Ever 10.9.13
Presentations Alert from 2013 WYNTK About Transportation Seminar 09.12.13
Time to Support Bi-County Parkway EIS Running Out
Six-Year Improvement Plan 10-22-13 Public Meeting 10.13.13
Regional Planning Focus Required 10.23.13
Public Input on Fairfax Transportation Investments 11.8.13
Giving Thanks and Moving Foward Breakfast 11.21.13
Holiday Greetings 2013 12.23.13
How We Travel Daily 01.08.14
How We Commute Daily 01.09.14
How We Travel Daily - Practice File
I-66 EIS Public Meeting 1.17.14
NVTA to NVTA 1.24.13
Bi-County Parkway Connects Virginia's 2nd & 3rd Largest Counties 1.30.14
I-395/95 HOV Lanes Scheduled To Close This Weekend 1.31.14
Support HB 2 and HB 1244 - Action Needed NOW! 2.3.14
Potomac River Crossing Study (HB 1244) 2.4.14
Crossover Time - "And Then There Were Few" 02.13.14
Authority Opts Not to Evaluate $246 Million in Transit Projects 2.21.14
I-66 Beyone the Beltway - How Bad It Will Be Tomorrow 3.27.14
I-66 Beyond the Beltway
I-66 Beyond the Beltway 3.27.14
I-66 Beyond the Beltway - How Bad It Is Today and Tomorrow 3.28.14
How We are Growing - Some Population Perspective 4.1.14
14th St Bridge HOT Lanes Highlight Regional Planning Dysfunction 4-16-14
Public Hearing 6-Year Improvement Plan '15-'20 4.17.14
Public Hearing - Improving Western Access to Dulles Airport 4.17.14
Public Hearings & 14th St Bridge HOT Lanes 4-18-14
Regional Accountability or Lack Thereof 5.1.14
In Hampton Road "Regional" Means Regional 5.7.14
June 2 Western Dulles Access Public Input Opportunity 5.27.14
Federally Funded Local Bus Stops 5.30.14
Western Dulles Access - Why Alternative 2 is #1 6.4.14
Hat Off to WMATA 6.12.14
Governor: "CTB not Rubber Stamp" 6.19.14
Hiteshue Named Policy Director 6.24.14
I-95 HOV Lanes to Open Earlier 7.3.14
Express Lanes Price Alerts Now Available 7.15.14
Fixin' to Fix I-66 7.16.14
Northern Virginia Regional Funds "On the Money" 7.21.14
Welcome Aboard! Silver Line Now Open 7.28.14
Hats Off to Northern Virginia VDOT 7.23.14
Will Regional Authority Make Congestion Reduction Top Investment Priority? 7.31.14
495 Express Lanes Use Growing 8.5.14
10th Annual WYNTK - Registration Now Open 8.13.14
Winning (or Losing) the Jobs Accessibility Challenge 9.15.14
How Our Region Invests Its Transportation Dollars 9.18.14
It was hotter than... 9.23.14
Time to Redefine Regionally Significant 9.29.14
2014 What You Need to Know Seminar Wrap Up 10.2.14
October 9th Listening Session - NVTAuthority 10.3.14
October 16 CTB Public Hearing 10.9.14
Alliance: It's Time to Re-Evaluate the CLRP 10.20.14
Antiquated Thinking? 10.22.14
HB: Keep It Simple 10.24.14
Veterans Day Tribute 11.10.14
WMATA Urges TPB to Provide Regional Funding Leadership 11.18.14
VDOT Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Advisory 11.25.14
Maintenance Drain Remains 12.9.14
95 Express Lanes Opening December 14th 12.10.14
I-66 Public Information Meetings January 2015
PRESS RELEASE: Transportation Coalition Position Statement
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