Alliance: Greater Involvement of
Transportation Professionals
to Better
Transportation Decision-Making

In recent remarks to students, alumni and supporters of George Mason University's Civil Engineering Institute, Alliance president Bob Chase challenged members of that profession to become more involved in transportation education, advocacy and decision-making. Chase stated that "perhaps the greatest threat (to improved regional mobility) is the lack of private sector involvement, particularly on the part of civil engineers and other transportation professionals, in the transportation decision-making and project selection process."

Chase observed that in recent decades, transportation planning has shifted away from advancing fact-based, big-picture regional solutions that make a real impact to advancing local options and choices that do not address our regional needs.

"A fundamental problem today is that it is the ranks...of those that advocate spending scarce transportation dollars on projects of least significance that are becoming more vocal and the ranks of those advocating for those projects of greatest regional significance and value that are becoming more silent and apathetic."

"If it is not the responsibility of transportation professionals to speak up or find ways to be influential, where does responsibility rest?

"Bringing professional skills to project design is important, but it's not enough," Chase said.

"There is a civic responsibility within your profession to do more to educate public officials and private sector opinion and business leaders as to which transportation investments are likely to do the most to improve mobility and promote prosperity."

Read the entire speech here.

"Bad things happen when
good people 
remain silent,
on the sideline."

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